Lattice Fences


Double rod mats

Consists of strongly spot-welded steel wires. All horizontal wires are arranged opposite each other. The vertical steel wires are 6 mm thick. The double horizontal steel wires are either 8 mm or 6 mm thick.

Brochure Double Rod Mat (PDF-Download)

Double rod mats

Overlapping double rod mat with LEGI R fit posts

LEGI R fit R+K, an overlapping double rod mat, tubular post and clamping tube with one-point screw connection.

Due to the clear lines with smooth, rounded edges in connection with the perfectly shaped, overlapping post cap, the elegant LEGI fence R fit R+K stands out from conventional fences at first sight.

Brochure LEGI R fit R+K (PDF-Download)


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LEGI R fit R+K