Decorative fences

Decorative Fence

LEGI Premium decorative lattice KU

With a LEGI ornamental fencing system, you can create property designs that are light, noble and elegant, even with high constructions. And that at the highest level of safety. The successful combination of particularly strong wire mesh (8 mm) and the highest quality corrosion protection in the LEGI finishing process leads to extreme stability and unsurpassed durability

Prospectus LEGI Premium ornamental lattice KU (PDF-Download)

LEGI decorative fence KU

LEGI ornamental latttice series

Decorative grids, the shape of which is usually only produced by smiths in expensive manual work. These small differences to the standard grille can make the fence an ornament. By the unobtrusive ornaments or by the shapes of the upper edge of the grating, fences can be made more pleasing and personal by individual adjustment.

brochure LEGI ornamental lattice series (PDF download)

LEGI decorative fence series