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Ketten auf Maß

Chains on measure

Chains made to measure Whether knotted chains, C-link chains in galvanized or stainless steel design, swing chains, ornamental and lamp chains, or plastic chains, you can obtain them from us as yard goods! We shorten the chains to the desired length, also in several pieces. In our assortment there are also some accessories that you [...]

Lifiting Equipment

Lifting Equipment Lifting cranes, crane loops, load securing devices, load lifting devices, hand-held hoists, chain hoists, winches. A 1-, 2- or 4-strand chain suspension can be produced in a short term. The various production possibilities and the appropriate accessories can be put together on site. We offer you the right solution for almost every transport, lifting [...]

Steel ropes

Steel ropes to measure We supply steel ropes both as meterware or, on request, prefabricated lengths with grommets and pressings. Wire ropes with various constructions such as e.g. Stainless steel ropes, Unimog ropes, plastic sheathed ropes, hemp ropes, polyamide ropes etc. are available from our program! You have a project and do not know which [...]


Tools SHW Friedrichstal, hand tools for professional and amateur gardeners. In addition to the robust and proven standard tools, we also offer the exclusive SHW REX version. In order to enable you to get through the cold season of the year, our snow plows prepare you clean and safe paths. As a competent supplier, you [...]