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Flagpoles Flagpoles help draw attention from a large radius. They are suitable wherever effectiv advertisment is needed. Contact Person

Gabion baskets

Gabionenkörbe Zaungabione (mit C-Klammern) Zaungabione, die in ihrer Größe (Breite, Höhe) individuell und auf Kundenwünsche anpassbar ist. Sie ist für Jedermann leicht aufzubauen: für eine zwei Meter Wand werden nur etwa drei Stunden benötigt. Zur Befestigung werden C-Klammern und eine spezielle Profi-Clip-Zange benutzt. Als natürlicher Sichtschutz dient sie in allen denkbaren Bereichen. Die Zaungabione kann [...]

Pasture fence

Pasture fence Animal fences, coupling fences, electric fences, gates and piles, cords, fences for small animals and accessories. We have a wide assortment of different fence styles and heights including accessories for you. Also in farm animals and as a hobby fence. For the fencing and defense of almost all animal species, we carry electric [...]


Screws REISSER offers screws for all applications which leave nothing to be desired in terms of processing comfort and economy. If you cannot find the right screw for you in our range, we will be happy to order the appropriate one for you. contact


Tools SHW Friedrichstal, hand tools for professional and amateur gardeners. In addition to the robust and proven standard tools, we also offer the exclusive SHW REX version. In order to enable you to get through the cold season of the year, our snow plows prepare you clean and safe paths. As a competent supplier, you [...]