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Arm barriers

Arm barriers On the company premises, in the car park and for numerous other applications - the Access series from Magnetic offers you complete, cost-oriented solutions, which can also be used in connection with pedestrian traffic. Due to the large number of variants, the access barriers can be individually adapted to your requirements. Product information [...]
Drahkreuz Sphinx


Turnstiles Pedestrian separation turnstiles reliably secure and protect the entrances and exits of properties and particularly sensitive areas. They allow authorized persons to enter and leave these areas without the need for control personnel and prevent unauthorized access with a high degree of security. Contact us and we will be happy to help you further... [...]


Gates Wherever property accesses have to be secured, our gates offer the economically and functionally correct alternative. Swing gates are highly functional and very varied in design. The extensive product range meets every requirement. Manually operated swing gates are quick and easy to install and are suitable for entrances and exits that are not used [...]

Sliding gates

Sliding gates The product range of our suppliers offers a comprehensive range of sliding doors. A combination of safety, elegance and economy offers many different sliding door types for both private and commercial buildings. From simple, manual sliding doors to large electrical types, there is also something for your individual requirements. Please contact us or [...]