Pasture fence

Pasture fence

Animal fences, coupling fences, electric fences, gates and piles, cords, fences for small animals and accessories.

We have a wide assortment of different fence styles and heights including accessories for you. Also in farm animals and as a hobby fence.

For the fencing and defense of almost all animal species, we carry electric fences as components and complete systems for you.

We have a wide selection of electric fences, strands, broadband, post and accessories in stock!

Zur Einzäunung und Abwehr nahezu aller Tierarten führen wir für Sie Elektrozäune als Komponenten und Komplettsysteme.

Einige große Auswahl an Elektrozaungeräten, Litzen, Breitband, Pfosten und Zubehör sind bei uns vorrätig!

pasture fence and accessories


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